Help some folks out

On March 26, 2020 some of our beloved ecobee colleagues were laid off due to Covid19 and it's impact on current economic conditions. These individuals have poured their minds and hearts into their roles at ecobee and deserve our help moving forward.

ecobee hires some of the most intelligent, innovative, and hardworking individuals that the Toronto Tech scene has to offer. We were so thankful to work alongside them and know that you'll be more than lucky to have any of them join your team.

The list of individuals featured here reflect some of our affected colleagues and will continue to be updated as additional individuals elect to take part.


Check out our ecopeeps below and reach out if you have a position that you think would be a fit.

Not recruiting but want to help?

If you've worked alongside any of these fine individuals, leave them a reference on LinkedIn or offer to introduce them to your connections.


Crafted with ❤️ by your co-workers that care about you.